Roger Federer offers Novak Djokovic some coaching advice at the Laver Cup

ROGER FEDERER has dropped a retirement update while speaking at the Laver Cup.


The 37-year-old, who has won 20 Grand Slam titles, has revealed to fans he doesn’t want to hang up his racket anytime soon and that he plans to keep on playing.

Federer beat Nick Kyrgios in the Laver Cup on Saturday night when he was asked about playing in Chicago.

The United Center venue where they are holding the tournament is home to the Chicago Bulls, who have numbers of shirts they have retired adorning the walls.

One of them is the ’23’ worn by Michael Jordan and Federer says the mere mention of retirement isn’t giving him any idea.

Federer told Mark Petchey: “It gave me a lift and not an idea to retire. I don’t want to do that.

“It’s an absolute privilege to play where Michael Jordan has had so much success.

“He was one of my heroes and inspirations so to be in the city where he has left such a big mark means a lot to me.

“It’s a wonderful city to play in, to have the Laver Cup in Chicago, what great fans. We made the perfect choice.”

Roger Federer


Federer beat Nick Kyrgios 6-3 6-2 to put Team Europe 7-1 up against Team World on Saturday.

World cut that back to 7-5 with two late wins and Federer is scheduled to play twice today – once in the doubles and once in the singles – as he looks to retain Europe’s title.

After beating Kyrgios he said: “I was very, very happy. I felt good from the beginning of the match and that’s not usual.

“Usually you need matches to get going. You start playing your best towards the third round or quarters of tournaments, once you know exactly how courts react to all the spins and slices.

“From the beginning it was great. I executed my game plan and had wonderful support from my team.”



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